Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Recipes as Poetry?

Can a recipe be a poem? Sure. Why not!

Along with the blooming of the Azaleas in my back yard, I am welcoming this spring with a new poetry kudo from Mom Writer's Literary Magazine.

Not only is the inspiration for my poem a recipe, but the poem is also an excerpt from the narrative in my novel in progress.

Speaking of my novel in progress, I am nearly half way through my novel revision workshop. I am not going to comment on and or review the content and usefulness of the class, because it is not over yet, and it wouldn't be fair. But, I will say I am very disappointed in the level of class participation from the other seven students.

I am not a newbie in regards to on-line writing classes--this is my fifth. And I have taken these classes on-line for credit from major universities as well as for fun from small literary zines. They have all been in the spring, all ran for about the same length of time--12 weeks, but all had very good student participation by way of bulletin board sytle discussions and postings regarding various writing topics. I have absolutely no idea why this particular mix of people has such a low level of participation, but I'm doing my best not to let it get me down, though it's hard, because not only is this my fifth on-line class, it was the most expensive.

I hope to be back with news of more writing kudos later this spring.


Rose said...

I wish you all the best with your new novel.

Diary of a Fiction Writer said...

Thank you, Rose. Pleased to meet you.

I am really enjoying exploring the Today's Woman Writing Community I will certainly be directing my writing friends your way.

Stay tuned for my review of a wonderful new memoir, Mothering Mother, by Carol D O'Dell.

It is a soulful read for women who may someday find themselves in the role of the primary caretaker of their own mothers.