Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Feel Pretty, Oh Sooooo Pretty . . .

Yesterday I was sent what has to be, by far, the best rejection I have ever received, not entirely because of the content, but as a matter of timing.

Yesterday I also started a 12 week novel revision workshop with a notable women's literary fiction author. I've known all along that I was straddling the lines between literary fiction. mainstream and a romance novel; that's what I am as a person, versatile :-) But versatile is not fairing well in my efforts to find an agent and or publisher for my first novel.

This particular rejection convinces me that a revision is needed to firmly plant my novel's roots aka plot, pacing and tone into a specific category.

Here's the letter (minus the title of my novel and the editor's name. . .

Dear Author,

Thank you for allowing me to read the first 3 chapters of your novel --- While this is a really great idea for a book, I’m afraid I will not be requesting the full manuscript at this time.Your writing is pretty, but I’m afraid that the tone and style of the writing just isn’t right for the (Publisher's name withheld) list, which is quite commercial. I’m sorry I don’t have better news for you, but I wish you the best of luck in finding the right home for your project.

Kindest Regards,

I should note here that earlier this month, these very same three opening chapters were deemed as " Very awkward in writing, flawed in construction" on a judges scoring sheet in a novel contest. Apparently "pretty" is in the eyes of the specific editor beholding the manuscript!


Tia said...

Congratulations on a great rejection!

SuperMomPreneur said...

I noticed on your web site that you're not a member of Romance Writers of America. You might want to consider it - it's inexpensive to join, and their magazine is a great resource. They provide members with updated agent, editor and publisher info for tons of different houses. They also have an awesome conference (which I have yet to be able to attend), but I bought some of the tapes from previous conferences. Plus, there are always contests going on, and it looks like you're a contest champ. Anyway, good luck with your submissions. It sounds like you're doing everything right!

Diary of a Fiction Writer said...

Thank you, SuperMom :-) I do have all the info for the Georgia Branch of RWA in a file on my desk, and I was about to join, but as I mention in my blog, I'm currently enrolled in a novel revision course that is keeping me really, really busy as I iron out some of my pacing problems with the novel. The class ends in May and then I will join RWA, with an eye to becoming active in my local branch during the fall.

I understand they just had their convention here in Atlana where I am, and yes, I should have gone then! I am juggling too many things right now and I need to focus, so I don't miss more great opportunities like RWA.