Thursday, May 04, 2006

Home Sweet Literary Home

May's issue is complete, and my first two story selections have been published. It's a great feeling, knowing I helped two writers share their work with the magazine's readers. It's also a very subjective process. Another editor, another time, another magazine, and the same stories may not have been chosen. As someone who regularly submits their work, I know this to be true, and I accept the process.

In a way, I feel like a decorator who has just chosen the perfect artwork to complement a client's home. Some homes are eclectic, some modern, or traditional etc. and even the loveliest of pieces are not always a good fit in every decor.

Like a decorator, a writer needs to sample a literary home before submitting their work--read the work the magazine has previously published, take measurements, match the tone, color and texture of the markets they submit to.

If the story is a good fit, then the writer, editor and publisher can all kick off their shoes, settle in and stay awhile.


rich said...

Good stuff, JAlpha. I like the cut of your bib. Do go on.

Literary Fiction Editor said...

Thanks Rich,

By 'bib', are you suggesting that I am drooling on myself--because I have been known to do that :-)

Do come back!

Esmeralda Sable said...

Nice writing.