Saturday, September 23, 2006

Slow News is No News

I'm putting my search for another editorial position on hold, Though I would eagerly entertain any opportunities that were presented to me.

Also, I've changed the title of the blog to reflect my shift in focus from my adventures as a fiction editor to tracking the publication progress of my first novel and any other writing related news, information and/or new projects I undertake. Broadening the focus of my blog will likely be a better match for my high energy level and sincere interest in helping other writers get recognition for their work.

I have no specific news regarding the publication status of my first novel. It is a painfully slow process, all the more reason to broaden the focus of my blog. That said, here are the latest updates.

Regarding the first batch of queries I sent out on June 15, there are still several agents that have yet to respond, and a couple others that did respond with "not for me" rejections.

Still no word from the editor from a large publisher that did request the entire manuscript, as per her receipt of my query. She has only had the manuscript for four weeks, hardly enough time to nudge her for a response.

My first batch of queries also yielded a full read from an agent who made two revision suggestions which I agree with and have almost completed. I should be able to have the manuscript back in her hands within a week.

A second batch of queries sent in mid August yielded another agent request for two sample chapters. She responded within a week, stating my writing and dialogue in particular were very snappy, but it just wasn't her kinda story--her words, not mine.

I state in my query letter that I have a five-page synopsis available, but I haven’t had anyone make a request to see it. I'm left wondering if perhaps I missed the memo announcing the death of the synopsis!

More news, as I get it . . . slow as it may be.

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