Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Effective Immediately

After a two month summer hiatus from my Diary of a Literary Fiction Editor, I am sorry to say I have resigned from my position as the fiction editor of an on-line literary magazine. After submissions to the magazine fell off drastically over the summer, and a new managing editor was brought on board without a solid operating structure in place for the receipt and publication of the fiction content, I found it increasingly difficult to perform my duties in a professional manner.

I was originally drawn to this particular publication because of its stated interest in publishing the work of writer's who would not necessarily find a place for their work in other literary venues. The new managing editor then proceeded to select and republish a piece of fiction that has already appeared in six other literary markets. That's hardly in keeping with the stated mission statement of the publication, and that hardly leaves me with the opportunity to help bring the fresh voices of new writers and their stories into the forefront. The pleasure of publishing the work of new writers was the only payment I received in kind for my services as fiction editor. So having the publication lean heavily towards a content which consisted of republished material is not something I was interested in investing my time in.

So I'm off to find a new editorial home.

Write on! And keep submitting. See you in my next editorial slush pile :-) Hopefully sooner rather than later.


Devon Ellington said...

I'm sorry for the magazine that they lost ou. For your part, it sounds like absolutely the right decision -- you agreed with the prevous vision of the magazine, and that is changed.

I'm sure you'll find a new "home" soon. Please don't stop posting -- I like this blog and I just found it.

Best wishes to you.

Literary Fiction Editor said...

Thank you, Devon. And do come back and visit.

In the interim, while I'm looking for a new editorial home, I'm going to be posting some of my crafting checklists for creating some powerful and very publishable fiction. I might even try a little experiment regarding the possibility of selecting and then posting some short fiction that is sent my way, and then letting the readers score the pieces via one of my checklists.

Stay tuned, and thanks again for stopping by and commenting :-)

Esmeralda Sable said...

I am sad that you had to leave. (I am reading this in chronological order, so my comments may confuse because of that.)