Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Howdy to eHow

OK. So I admit it, it's been a long, summer, and it ain't over yet. It's hot, and I've had more disappointments than successes on the writing front.

So, being the perpetual optimist that I am, and because I hate being bored and unproductive, I followed an eHow freelance job lead that I spotted on the WOW! Blog .

I figured, what the heck! So I posted my article How to Determine if the Story You Have Written is Literary vs. Mainstream/Genre Fiction I chose the screen name Alphabetty, cause that's just the sort of mood I've been in lately "numbed silly".

Like I said, it's been a long, hot and dry--literally and creatively--summer.

Although dry spell aside, I do have one new editorial kudos to report--I've recently been hired as a book reviewer for Afterthoughts. And my first book (a poetry collection) arrived today . . . City of Corners by John Godfrey. So I'm going to pour myself an iced coffee, put my feet up, dig in and hope I can reverse the summer writing slump, I have reluctantly allowed myself to slip into.