Friday, February 15, 2008

My First Publishing Kudo for 08

One of my stories THE WHIRLPOOL GALAXY is going to appear in SHALLA Magazine: Winter Blooms Issue 2008. They accept reprints, which is great, because the story originally appeared in Cezanne's Carrot in 06.

This particular submission victory means a lot to me, because I've been dealing with a really sticky and depressing situation with one of my editing gigs. I've been driving myself nuts, trying to work with these people, but then yesterday a dear friend counseled me to "just let it go". She's really into the "law of attraction" philosophy, and she said until I let go of the chaos I was trying to resolve, I wouldn't have room in my life to attract new and better opportunities. She said it was like cleaning out the closet to make room for a new dress.

So, 2 days ago, I let go, and cut my ties with the chaos brokers that were driving me nuts. Ever since then, my email box has delivered nothing but good news regarding making it into a final round of a short story contest, an invitation to apply for a position as a book reviewer for writing related books, an offer to collaborate on a flash fiction writing tips ebook, and now this news of my story being accepted for publication on SHALLA. It's worth noting I submitted to this market all the way back in July of 07, and today's news was very unexpected.

I'm off to clear out more chaos from my virtual closet. This "law of attraction" thing really works!